We Are Now Seeing Routine Wellness Visits!

The clinic is now seeing patients for routine wellness visits once again. Clinic policies and procedures have changed a bit. Please read the notice below on what to expect! Make sure to schedule your sports and school physicals early.


At Cheney Ridge Family Medical Clinic, we value our patients and pledge to do our part in keeping you safe and healthy! In order to better serve you during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have changed several of our office policies and procedures.

  1. Everyone calling for an appointment, will be screened on the phone and at the door for COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. If you have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, you will be scheduled for a telehealth appointment. A telehealth appointment will help prevent the spread of the virus and protect other vulnerable patients.
  3. Wear a mask to clinic. All patients entering the clinic will be required to wear a mask.
  4. Stay in your car and call the clinic upon arrival. Our number is 402-420-7113. A medical assistant will meet you at your car to screen you and then escort you into the clinic. The waiting room is closed for now.
  5. If you screen positive at check in, you will be asked to stay in your car. A provider will see you at the car as able. Other options may include a telehealth visit.
  6. Only the patient may come into the building for the office visit. If the patient is a child, one parent/guardian may accompany the child. The parent/guardian will also be screened.

We wish to serve all our patients well. We are asking YOU, our patients, to help join our team. With your cooperation, we can limit exposures and prevent the spread of disease. We appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance. Every single one of us plays a large role in keeping our neighbors safe and healthy.


Unfortunately, there has been a lot of conflicting information regarding masks. We recommend wearing a mask when out in public. COVID-19 is primarily spread through the air. When you stand in close proximity to someone infected with COVID-19, you inhale the viral particles. COVID-19 viral particles often aerosolize, or suspend in the air for long periods of time. Health care workers caring for COVID-19 patients must wear certain masks, often termed N95s. But why is wearing a mask recommended outside of the hospital or clinic setting? As we learn more about COVID-19, we have found that there are large numbers of infected individuals who either never show symptoms or are presymptomatic. These asymptomatic individuals may stand unknowingly by you at the store, church or farmer’s market, silently spreading the disease. However, when both parties wear a mask, the risk of transmission decreases significantly!!!! True, most masks are not as effective as the N95s required of health care workers. But, cloth and surgical masks do help stop the spread of larger respiratory droplets. Wearing a mask to work or run errands may seem uncomfortable. But, by wearing a mask you are protecting others around you. Please be kind.